Scarborough is situated on the east side of Toronto. The Toronto Transit Commission, York transit and the Go Transit is easily accessed for everyone. The headquarters of TSN and CTV are located in Scarborough. You can also find the Toronto Zoo which is the biggest zoo in all of Canada. The Scarborough Bluffs is 9 parks by the Lake of Ontario extending 14 Km where you can hike, bike and enjoy activities. It’s a popular destination for photographers as the view can be striking. Working across Ontario and with many clients already in Scarborough, James is an independent insurance broker who focuses on his client’s needs. In an ever-changing digital landscape that pushes people online for quotes and service James prefers to get to know his clients personally. That’s why we invite you to call James for a conversation about your insurance needs at 647-966-7093. We take time to get to know you and what coverage makes sense for you. With a knowledge of sports this has pushed James to focus on liability insurance for teams, associations, and groups of all contact and non-contact sports. In addition, we enjoy helping clients with web-based businesses learn about the cyber liability risks that are ever increasing.

You will often find James meeting with a client to review their policies wherever is convenient for them; a coffee shop or their place of work. This website includes accessible blog posts, YouTube videos, and a contact page with additional tips for whatever business you may be in. As the landscape changes I encourage you to ask yourself, when was the last time you met with your broker or agent to review your coverage?

Being a part of Canadian Insurance Brokers Inc. has provided me with practical insurance solutions for my clients with a reputable brokerage that started in 1992. We are a full service insurance brokerage of over 40 professionals that provide our clients with a comprehensive line of insurance products including Home, Auto, Life and Commercial Insurance. We have developed a specialty in providing coverage to businesses in Ontario, seeking to provide a wide array of products for: sports groups, retail, digital, etc. This also includes general liability, directors and officers, medical coverage and more. CIBI deals with over 20 of the world’s largest insurance providers, so that we can offer the best value and options to our clients.

To discuss your specific insurance needs, please contact James Inwood:


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