Bluemountain Insurance

Blue Mountain, Ontario Insurance

Blue Mountain is situated in Southwestern Ontario and It’s located in the Grey County that is part of the Georgian Triangle. You can find multiple recreations such as ski and snowboarding in their mountains during the winter. During the summer, you can go downhill biking, hiking, and even mini putting. They host the Met Con Blue in June where participants need to go through 20 obstacles on an incline.

For insurance, it stands out as far away from Toronto to have great rates. Auto rates here are much lower than our GTA counter parts BUT like most other areas in Ontario property insurance rates have been on the rise due to water damage claims across Canada and the proximity to lakes. Review your policy, a lot of insurance carriers take general rate increases and don’t look at clients individual needs. This can impact commercial building rates, condos, homes and all other buildings. Do you have a broker working for you?

As always we are working on ways to help sport groups in Canada. Current projects include the Coaches Association, Canadian Insurance Brokers Inc. (CIBI) in conjunction with the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), has formed an exclusive National Insurance Program for Coaches across Canada. All levels of licensed, registered coaches, team leaders, mentors, training instructors and fitness coaches are considered who are in good standing with the CAC.