Driving APP

Intact Insurance Driving APP for Iphone or Android 

Would you be willing to try out an App that tracks some of your driving habits ? Everyone has a smart phone and the apps that you have on your phone already track your behaviour but don’t save you any money. Two of our main insurance companies Intact and Pembridge have apps that save 10% right away for enrolment. 10% of the average $2000 a year Ontario auto policy is $200 saving. What’s Facebook or instagram paying you again?!
I was surprised at how easy it was, the app runs totally in the background and saves 10% just for trying it. I constantly hear people complain about car insurance rates and how they are good drivers well here’s your shot to put your money where your mouth is. I understand it’s not for everyone but a welcome addition for me and I’ve seen some great results of up to 30% discount per year. Especially during covid when you are driving less it’s a good time to call me today.

What are the Pros of UBI ?

UBI Stands for usage based insurance and it’s how most insurance companies are labeling their driving APPs that can be easily downloaded through the APP store. The pro in my mind is that you can separate yourself from other drivers based on good habits. If you feel like you are a safe driver this will prove it.

Will insurance driving apps increase my rate?

The simple answer is no, the app takes 10% off the standard rate to try it out for 6 months. the maximum discount you can earn in 30% (20% more than the rate you start at). I have personally sold policies with usage based apps for 6+ years and the average discount I see is 15-18% after the 6 month period. Even if you achieved a 0% score which is the lowest possible this would simply put you back at the posted rate without the APP.

How does the insurance driving APP score work?

You start off at 10% below the standard rate i.e. if your annual rate is $2000 then the saving is $200 off the start. Keep in mind the rate you would receive normally is still the $2000, they incentivize you 10% to try the app. after the 6 month period the total discount you earn gets applied against the standard rate. we normally see this discount to be 15-18% on average. The great news is this discount stays on your policy for life. That initial $2000 with the 18% discount example would then bring your rate down to $1640/year 18% lower than the $2000, a savings of $360.

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