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Under James Inwood, we work through the Canadian Insurance Brokers Inc. (CIBI) independently. We work with multiple insurance companies to accommodate anyone with driving or insurance issues. Allow James Inwood to determine your auto insurance options for your unique situation. We make sure drivers who may have received a major conviction, non-payment, had issues with claims remain financially secure with customized auto insurance.

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Tickets for Distracted Driving

You may have received a ticket for distracted driving, such as the prohibited use of a hand-held device. Such violations tend to make some insurance companies avoid serving them.

At James Inwood Insurance Brokers, we want to help insure your car when other companies won’t. We are ready to help any driver get insurance regardless of their driving penalties.

Distracted driving leads to tickets. Here is a list of cases that constitute distracted driving according to the Government of Ontario:

  • Using a Cell Phone: It is illegal to use hand-held wireless communication devices for calling or texting purposes. You may only use a cell phone or related device in emergencies to dial 911.
  • Using a Hand-Held Entertainment Device: Under any circumstance, using tablets and portable gaming consoles while driving is illegal and constitutes distracted driving. Only passengers may legally use such devices while in a vehicle.
  • Looking at Digital Screens: Viewing display screens unrelated to driving is illegal. For instance, a passenger may show you a video on their device, which constitutes a distraction while driving. You may view GPS display screens.
  • Programming a GPS: Although you can look at your GPS unit while driving, it is illegal to program your GPS device while driving. However, you may still use voice commands to set necessary changes.

Meanwhile, the Highway Traffic Act recently adopted stricter penalties for stunt driving. This dangerous behaviour constitutes excessive speeding, street racing, and engaging in driving contests in roadways. Motorists will receive stunt driving penalties for traveling 40 km/hr over the posted 80 km/hr roadway speed limits.

Other Distractions While Driving

Drivers may also commit other distracting behavior while driving in Ontario that are not necessarily illegal. Here are some distracted driving behaviors that may put drivers and passengers at risk:

  • Adjusting the radio
  • Eating and drinking
  • Fixing hair and makeup
  • Interacting with passengers
  • Putting on accessories and clothes
  • Speaking into hands-free devices, such as earpieces

Although these distracting behaviors are not illegal, they may constitute fines and demerit points should traffic enforcement determine so. These penalties would reflect on your driving record, which an insurance company will cross-check for your insurance.


How Distracted Driving Affects Insurance

Insurance companies may increase your auto insurance premiums dramatically once they discover you have penalties for distracted driving. Companies tend to increase premium rates between 10% and 20%.

For instance, you already pay a $1,500 premium for annual auto insurance. Within a year, the Ontario government penalized you with cell phone tickets for using your mobile device while driving. You may end up paying $1,650 because of a 10% increase.

Insurance companies may also increase premium rates between 50% and 100% for a major conviction. An insurer may charge a 50% increase for motorists causing a collision due to distracted driving.

Meanwhile, a driver may receive a 100% premium increase by having at-fault accidents on their driving record. Having distracted driving penalties categorizes motorists as high-risk drivers. Some insurers may even deny renewal due to regular convictions for traffic violations.

This premium increase is an issue for motorists seeking auto insurance. Besides having to pay higher rates, the process may become more complex than it should be. Allow James Inwood to assist your auto insurance needs if you have a car with tickets.

No traffic conviction is too major for our professional brokers to handle. With our resources and connections with the CIBI, we can work with you to determine your best auto insurance options despite the traffic violations you may have.

How To Avoid Distracted Driving

Distracted driving carries dangerous and expensive consequences. Avoiding distracted driving altogether may be the best solution to prevent unnecessary government fines and premium increases. Consider the following tips to avoid distracted driving:

  • Pick a Route Before Driving: Be sure to know the route you will take before leaving your current location. Once you know your route, you can focus on following the path without constantly checking your map. Consider utilizing voice features on your navigational devices if available.
  • Set Phone to Voicemail: Avoid the temptation of answering text messages or calls while driving. Set up your phone’s voicemail feature to redirect calls and let callers know you are busy. Also, consider placing your phone on vibrate or silent mode to avoid distracting text notifications.
  • Prepare a Playlist: If you drive better with background music, be sure to choose a driving playlist beforehand so you avoid selecting songs while driving. Consider your favorite music app’s smart playlist feature to curate a unique playlist for your drive.
  • Eat and Drink Ahead of Time: People tend to eat while driving because they are running late. Be sure to put something in your stomach before getting behind the wheel. Also, avoid the temptation of eating after ordering drive-thru food. Set them aside and wait until you park to eat.

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