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Find the Right Insurance Plan for Your Needs

With over a decade’s worth of experience, James Inwood can help you get insurance plans that support your goals. We specialize in creating custom-designed policies that fit every aspect of your business. You get service from a reputable broker who has helped many protect their success. Contact us, and we can start creating a suitable plan for you.


Commercial Insurance

Risk management is essential and commercial insurance can provide what you need. We can handle all the details as we’ve worked on many entities and plans. You can get a solution for each challenge you encounter and know what to expect through our experience. Having the right policy can be the difference between profit and loss.

Not only that, our connections within the industry have helped us find valuable plans and lower premiums. With the unique needs of businesses, customization is what you need.


Personal Insurance

Get Home, Auto, and Business Insurance Under One Plan

We understand that people adjust with the times, heading to fields that have inherent risks. We’ll get to the fine details of each. James provides claims counseling, which helps our customers decide if and when making a claim is the right decision.

James Inwood can give you access to different insurance plans that all fit under your roof. Some of the policies we’ve worked on include:

Our Process

Getting Your Custom Insurance Plan

To get started on getting the insurance plan you need, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Call James at (647) 966-7093 or click the start a quote button. Type in your information and tell us what insurance you’re looking for.
  2. We will contact you and ask you questions to find the best plans suited for your business.
  3. We will assess and review your options and give you several choices of plans.
  4. Choose from the several options of plans you have. We’ll then apply and manage these plans on your behalf.

Our team will weigh the pros and cons of each plan for discussion. Policies can have intricacies that work best for your situation. Your business may need extra coverage, liability insurance, or an all-inclusive plan that can give you peace of mind. You have a comprehensive set of options for you to choose from when you work with us.

You don’t have to rush this process. We want to make sure you’re getting the proper insurance and can answer any concerns you have. We can provide you with several insurance plans that fit your budget and goals.

Our Benefit

The Best Insurance Rates

With access to different insurance providers, you’re sure to find the best plans in the market. You can save thousands of dollars a year on your policy as you get the best quotes. These companies are very competitive and you can get deals that won’t be available anywhere else. We’ve built strong relationships with them that you can access.

Our team understands that it can be challenging to find a policy that fits best for your business. We help you maximize protection and minimize risk. You’ll gain valuable insight and can have a professional opinion about each insurance option.

You can also mix and match plans to get discounts or coverage that may not be available if you’re dealing with others. There are no hidden charges, and everything is clear for you to see. From there, you can make the best decision.

Our Advantage

Your Dedicated Insurance Broker

With a seasoned insurance broker at your side, you’ll open your business to opportunities. You can even connect with insurance companies directly for claims services or billing issues. James and CIBI work hand in hand to manage your policies, coverage and insurance needs as they change over the life cycle of the policy. He is always here to help with any questions, concerns or service you may have.

We will handle all of the negotiations and will help complete any paperwork. Let us know what you need for your insurance, and we’ll make sure that you get the best possible plan.

Finding the right insurance plan is all about understanding what you can get with each option. James is here to share with you all the information you need to know, and will tell you what to expect with each step of the process. Fill the quote form or contact us to get your journey started.

Contact James Inwood Today

With the effects of the recent pandemic and the changes happening everywhere, it pays to have insurance to cover all your bases. There is always a risk of something unexpected happening. With the help of our team, you can get insurance plans that provide you a safety net in case of an emergency. From home to business insurance, you have everything you need with us.

Contact us today and get tailor-made plans that fit you and your business. We offer both commercial and personal insurance. You deserve insurance that protects you from any situation.


What Our Customers Have To Say

James did a fantastic job! We needed to get proof of tenants insurance so we could move into our new place. James not only gave us multiple quotes, he also provided great information on different levels coverage and what would suit us best. Everything was handled digitally and professionally. Thank you for such an easy and great experience James!

A very professional and easy experience purchasing home insurance with James. Despite calling at a late hour on a Friday evening, James answered the call and was able to get everything set up for me very quickly. I sincerely appreciate the outstanding client service, it is rare to find! Thanks again James.

I would recommend James Inwood, hands down he helped me with my last minute purchase and made it so easy as well as by far the cheapest insurance compared to what I was quoted from everyone else he looked for anyway to bundle and save as much as possible without giving you the run around. 5 STAR service 👍

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What would you like insured?

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