Insurance for Bars and Nightclubs

Protect Your Business With Insurance for Bars and Nightclubs

It’s all fun and games until someone gets injured in a bar or nightclub. As the owner, it’s within your legal responsibility to make every effort to ensure none of your patrons get hurt on your premises. If you happen to hire entertainment to perform in your bar or nightclub, you are also legally responsible for ensuring the safety of those performers and patrons that attend.

At the same time, running a bar or nightclub is a significant investment. While it can earn you tons of profit, you need to think ahead and properly secure your business by getting bar insurance or nightclub insurance.

If you’re not sure what kind of insurance to get for your bar or nightclub, James Inwood from Canadian Insurance Brokers Inc. and his team can help. We’re the primary choice for bar and nightclub insurance in Ontario, Canada as we provide customers with fast, hassle-free, no-charge quotes. Protect your business by getting the right insurance for bars and nightclubs.

Different Types of Insurance for Bars and Nightclubs

There are various types of insurance for bars and nightclubs. Working with James Inwood and his team makes sure that all your insurance needs are covered. We take all of our clients’ needs and situations into account to help them get the coverage that’s most suited to fully safeguarding their business.

Moreover, working with us means not having to worry about randomly picking coverages yourself. We will provide you with valuable, expert advice on how each coverage can benefit you. Most people are hesitant to get insurance because they don’t know exactly what it does. By working with our team, we’ll make sure that terms are clear and easy to understand.

Here are some of the different types of insurance you can get as the owner of a bar or nightclub:

General liability coverage for bars or nightclubs protects against injuries that may occur on your premises, or accidents such as slip-and-fall claims.

Other common risks that general liability coverage protects from are customer property damage, slander or libel lawsuits, costs involving food-borne illnesses, or even advertising injuries.

This type of coverage is important for business establishments that serve, manufacture, or sell alcohol such as bars and nightclubs.

Liquor liability typically covers for settlements, legal fees, and medical costs associated with property damage or bodily injury caused by an intoxicated individual to whom the owner of the bar or the employees served or sold liquor.

Property coverage protects against losses that your bar or nightclub might suffer should it sustain physical damage.

This doesn’t only include the physical building of the bar or nightclub itself, but also the personal property you’ve used for business purposes.

This type of coverage for your business provides funds to repair or replace damaged equipment or machinery.

Typically included in this coverage are your company’s computer and electrical systems, refrigerators or freezers, machinery, and other such equipment that suffered from malfunctions.

This can also cover a loss that started from a piece of equipment breaking down and causing further damage.

This protects your business from incurring losses due to business-related crimes such as employee theft, forgery, extortion, robbery, embezzlement, and computer fraud.

Employee practices liability insurance protects you and your business against claims that you have violated your employees’ legal rights.

This type of coverage provides for defense costs and damages incurred from employment-related claims such as allegations of sexual harassment, wrongful termination, break of contract, discrimination, and others.

Why You Need Insurance for Bars and Nightclubs

There’s a lot that could happen in bars and nightclubs. While some common scenarios like slips and fall claims or over-serving alcohol lawsuits may not have happened at your establishment, it really pays to prepare and plan for a worst case scenario.

Here are just some of the compelling reasons that you need insurance for your bar or nightclub:

Minimize or prevent losses:

One moment, people are having fun and enjoying drinks in your bar or nightclub. Next thing you know, there’s already a bar fight happening. Both patrons and staff — and even you can get injured.

On the other hand, there might be a wet spot on the floor and a patron or staff member can slip and fall, causing injuries or fractures. Whether these are just minor or severe, you as the bar or nightclub owner can still be liable for what happened. Aside from paying for whatever damage to your property might have occurred, you’ll also have to pay for the medical fees of the people who are injured.

These expenses can be costly and, as a business owner, it’s a wise decision to prevent or minimize losses by having the right insurance coverage for your bar or nightclub.

Have the money to afford repairs and replacements:

Machines and equipment can be unpredictable. They break down or glitch due to accidents, maintenance issues, or other external factors such as a simple water leak.

Similarly, your property itself can also get damaged by windstorms, tornados, hail or other weather related incidents. Once the problem gets out of hand and affects the rest of your building and other property, you stand to lose a lot in repairing or replacing the cause of the damage.

Additionally, fixing other damages that may have occurred to other parts of your bar as a result of these other issues can also bore a hole through your pocket. With the right insurance coverage, you can have peace of mind knowing that your bar or nightclub will still be operable since repairs and replacements can be completed promptly.

Safeguard from theft or other crimes:

Bars and nightclubs usually have high-end equipment such as flat-screen TVs, ambient lighting, expensive chairs and tables, entertainment systems, pool tables, and other valuables that may be tempting to those who want to take advantage of you.

Without insurance, it would be hard to recoup your losses and get your equipment replaced.

By getting our insurance package offering, you can cover these scenarios and more. Get a free quote from us fast so you can start safeguarding your business.

How Much Do You Have to Pay for Bars and Nightclubs Insurance?

Every bar or nightclub has different coverage needs. More importantly, there are several factors that can affect the cost of bars insurance or nightclub insurance, such as risk exposure, location, services offered, and deductible amount. Many bar and nightclub owners may choose to customize their insurance plan by choosing certain coverages over others.

Working with James Inwood can help you plan for the best way to protect your business by making a plan that covers all the bases you need while staying within your budget.

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How to Get the Best Insurance for Bars and Nightclubs

Step 1: Take Note of Your Business Details

To make communications quick and easy, take note of some of the important details of your business such as the size of your property, the age and type of your building, the number of staff members you have, the average customer count on business days, projected sales, and security measures installed.

Step 2: Contact Us for a Consultation

When you’ve got all the important information down, contact us for an initial consultation. Here, we will look at the details of your business so we can craft the best solutions suited to your needs.

Step 3: We Come Up With Solutions

Once we have a complete view of where your business stands, we can work hand in hand in customizing what type of insurance coverage can best address what your business needs. If you don’t know anything about insurance and it’s your first time, don’t worry — we will answer all your questions and provide you with all the necessary information you need such as included coverage areas, filing claims, and more.

Step 4: Reap the Benefits of Safeguarding Your Business

Now that your bar or nightclub is insured, you can reap the benefits of protecting your business and have peace of mind knowing that you have a professional insurance broker that you can count on.

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