Why Landscaping Businesses Need Insurance

Are you thriving during the summer months having job after job and then looking for extra income in the winter months? Snow removal can be and is a big help for many landscape contractors, but it comes with added risk, and needs to be disclosed for proper insurance coverage. 

The increase in slip and fall claims can be drastic, and often the landscape company will hold liability through a contract signed with the building owner, municipality, or whomever contracted you for the job. This makes sense, as you were commissioned to clear the snow and salt the walkways, you would be to blame. So what happens when you get served with a claimant demanding 1-2 million damages from a fall on your location? 

I have seen these long, wordy legal allegations many times and they always strike me as more and more demanding and malicious. Claims that the person may never work again, or that their kids will not be able to be supported as they are a caregiver. This can be very upsetting when it happens, and immediately from the bottom of your stomach, you’ll wonder, will my insurance cover this?

When we look at landscape companies, or any business who are taking on out of season work, we will go into great detail what coverages are needed. Myself and CIBI are here to backstop your hardworking company, and maintain the success and continued operation of your business. A simple slip and fall claim can result in an average of $40,000 expenses between legal fees and an early settlement. Coverage that you can purchase for as low as $1000 a year for small landscape businesses, and provide the peace of mind your business needs to operate effectively.

As the seasons change, so do our exposures to risk. Call me, so we can discuss the changes in daily business operations, and the risk coverage needed to operate with confidence.

James Inwood is a member of Canadian Insurance Brokers Inc. CIBI operates across Canada with more than 40 licensed brokers and is completely independent so our advice is always objective. Representing 14 insurance carriers on the personal side and over 20 insurance providers on the commercial side helps give my clients clear choice and competitive pricing.

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